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Alice in Labyrinth can accept doll orders.

However, some countries do not accept EMS due to COVID-19.
And now, even in countries where shipping is possible, the situation may change when shipping products.
Also, delays are expected in all countries.

Face-up options will be temporarily suspended in consideration of these effects.

Please understand.
The shin parts of the AiL Doll body have been changed to the following form.

Old type: 3 parts composition consisting of knee ball, shin parts and ankle ball

New type: integrated structure of knee ball, shin parts and ankle ball

This change eliminates the problem that the knee joint is less likely to bend when the knee ball turns.
There is almost no change in appearance.

Orders from May 2019 will be new type.
Thank you very much.
1/3 size AiL Dolls, Chloe started sale!!
Please order from AiL Dolls of the items category list.

The list prices of our English website are reduced under the latest exchange rate from November,2016.
It is the large cut in price, chance to buy now!!
The price will be changed without previous when the exchange rate fluctuates in a large in the future.