AiL Dolls Body - Assembled

AiL Dolls Body - Assembled

Our Selling Price: US$390.00

Prices vary according to options.

Skin color:
Parting line removal:

Our Selling Price: US$390.00


*About AiL Dolls Body.

This item is a doll body of 1/3 size.
*Please notice, this item does not include a head.

This item is sent out in a fancy box as assembled. 
It was confirmed that 1/3 size doll heads Alice, Dreaming Alice, Chloe, Fiona and Heyley fit this body.

AiL Dolls is 52cm tall include a head. It’s a little shorter than other maker’s 60cm dolls,
but we made a doll legs not too long, as we wish to create dolls near the real body form.
She can wear almost all clothes of 1/3 sized dolls.

*About parting line removal 
Parting line, it appears when molding doll.
AiL Dolls designs the mold so that the line is not noticeable as much as possible at the stage of manufacturing,
but some lines will remain.
Parting line removal is a service that uses special tools to remove them and finish dolls in a beautiful state.

Item Information

Height 52cm/20.5inch (include a head)
Chest circumference 23.5cm/9.2inch
Waist circumference 19cm/7.5inch
Hip circumference 25cm/9.8inch
Feet size 6.5cm/2.6inch