Alice(Dreaming ver.) / AiL Dolls - Assembled

Alice(Dreaming ver.) / AiL Dolls - Assembled

Our Selling Price: US$500.00

Prices vary according to options.

Skin color:
Parting line removal:
Head painting:
Hand painting:
Official site limited gift eyes:

Our Selling Price: US$500.00


*About AiL Dolls.

This item is a doll of 1/3 size.
This item is sent out in a fancy box as assembled.

If you would like make-up and hand painting, please select it as an option.
If pay option is not selected, it will be ordered only for blank head +assembled body+Eyes.
Please note that wigs, clothes etc. are not included. 

It is limited to purchasing from the official site that eyes are attached to the doll.

AiL Dolls is 52cm tall include a head. It’s a little shorter than other maker’s 60cm dolls,
but we made a doll legs not too long, as we wish to create dolls near the real body form.
She can wear almost all clothes of 1/3 sized dolls.

*About doll eyes
They are AiL’s original doll eyes. 
The dome part of the iris is made of glass and the white is resin.

The white of the eye size  15mm
The iris size  7.5mm 

*Alice(Dreamingver.) head is renewed. 
She had remade modeling of ears with reality, and can now hang her head down  deeply by adjusting the hollow of the neck.

*About the premium painting.  
The painting processes increase more than the current model, then the finish  is more delicate.
Represent the atmosphere of the real human’s skin drawing thin freckles and  through dare do not paint uniformly.
And painting bluish on the part of thin skin around eyes etc. imaging a transparent skin.
We can accept to change the specification, such an easy request as painting  blusher uniformly or not drawing freckles and bluishness. 
Please write on the remarks column ahead the ordering screen, if you request it. 
(An example: based on the painted sample of the normal skin, only eyebrows white skin specification,
uniformly blusher, non- freckles and adding  bluishness) 

*About the hand painting
Paint a red tinge on the hand parts, and represent scrupulously the tip of the nail, or nail half a moon.

*About parting line removal 
Parting line, it appears when molding doll.
AiL Dolls designs the mold so that the line is not noticeable as much as possible at the stage of manufacturing,
but some lines will remain.
Parting line removal is a service that uses special tools to remove them and finish dolls in a beautiful state.

*Because it is made-to-order, it will be shipped within 4 weeks after payment is confirmed.
If you choose make-up, please wait another two weeks.

Item Information

Height 52cm/20.5inch
The girth 23cm / 9inch
Chest circumference 23.5cm/9.2inch
Waist circumference 19cm/7.5inch
Hip circumference 25cm/9.8inch
Feet size 6.5cm/2.6inch
The way to open and shut Font- fook rear-magnet
Others The reverse side of the eyes are made thin for to be easy to make slightly openning eyes.