Glen (1/3 head)

Glen (1/3 head)

Our Selling Price: US$150.00

Prices vary according to options.

Skin color:
Head painting:
Official site limited gift eyes:

Our Selling Price: US$150.00


*About 1/3 head.

This item is a doll head of 1/3 size.
Please choose painted head as an option. 
The case where the difference of a color arises on a head and a body due to the difference of the production lot and the state of the body, although it can be used comfortable with SD body which we possess.

*About doll eyes
They are AiL’s original doll eyes. 
The dome part of the iris is made of glass and the white is resin.

The white of the eye size  15mm
The iris size  7.5mm

It is limited to purchasing from the official site that eyes are attached to the doll.

Item Information

The girth 23cm / 9inch
The suitable eyes 14~16mm / 0.55~0.63inch
The distinction of sex boy
The way to open and shut Front- fook rear-magnet
Suitable bodys 13SD 17SDboy etc