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"Guest room" was updated !
Please view Elijah and AiL doll Alice.
Thank you very much for a lot of mails many people had sent us with anxiety after the earthquake.

We had not suffered direct damage from it, and all the staff and their families were in safety.

However, we have not been able to reopen our works for some days after the quake by the obstacles
like power failures, stops of trains and suspending of telephone, etc.
The situation still remains hard but is improving, and it does not obstruct our work too much.

Therefore, we reopen the business as usual from today.
However, some delays in the manufacturing and the shipping processes are expected.
Please give us some extra days for the delivery.

And we decided that we contribute 10% of our sales to the affected area.

We are very sorry that we might have given all the customers trouble.

AiL Doll Daryl full Set Pre-order!!

From 10th Jan 2011, we will start delivering in order of your payment completion.
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